New Yaris GR Sport terbaru dari Toyota dengan konsep lebih sporty dan eksklusif untuk anda pencinta otomotif, dan dapatkan Promo menarik selama pemesanan di bulan sekarang.

Daftar Harga dan Spesifikasi Lengkap New Yaris GR Sport di Bandung

Type Harga
New Yaris  G 3 SRS MT
New Yaris  G 3 SRS CVT 298.600.000
New Yaris  S GR Sport 3 SRS MT 310.200.000
New Yaris  S GR Sport 3 SRS CVT 322.300.000
New Yaris  G 7 SRS MT
New Yaris  G 7 SRS CVT
New Yaris  S GR Sport 7 SRS MT
New Yaris  S GR Sport 7 SRS CVT 327.700.000


Fitur Eksterior dan Interior New Yaris GR Sport

Beyond Exterior

The new speedy hatchback that ready to excite the road as the sporty yet stylish design provides head-turning agility and persuasive sensation in every turn.
new yaris gr

Stunning New Front Bumper Spoiler

Escalates your boldness on the street with an edgy front look design that produces an eye-catching first impression.

(GR Sport Type)

Dashing LED Headlamp Design

Creates a stunning impression with the high-end LED’s smooth design.

(GR Sport Type)

LED Fog Lamp Cover

Projects an impressive presence to ensures your trip brightly safe.

(GR Sport Type)

New Striking Rear Bumper Spoiler

Distinctive looks to attracts the street come even from the rear side.

(GR Sport Type)

Dynamic Shark Fin Antenna

Bold expression yet brings aerodynamic and elegant style.

(All Type)

New Rear Roof Spoiler

Build up your way with the captivating yet sporty aerodynamic spoiler.

(GR Sport Type)

Energetic Alloy Wheel

Uplift your performance along the road through the crafty Alloy Wheel design.

(All Type)

New Exquisite GR Side Skirt Design

The well-known Toyota GR Sport sticker it’s at your side with a stylish design to go.

(GR Sport Type)

New GR Grade Emblem

Notable GR Logo that perfectly embedded in stylish precision.

(GR Sport Type)

Electrifying Front Looks

Magnetise the road with the new front look design that contains impressive dark Grille blends with the sporty Front Bumper.

(G Type)

New Turning Radius

Remarkable 5.1m turning radius makes manoeuvring on a u-turn to tight space easier.

(All Type)

Beyond Interior New Yaris

Prepare for the Toyota Yaris electrifying new model. Led by the new front look design and new high-end entertainment system that cause a head-turning situation in any way it performs.
interior new yaris

Sporty Interior Design With New Advanced Infotainment System

Feel the good vibration of an advanced audio track.

(GR Sport Type)

Advanced Infotainment System with Smartphone Connection

The new display with Bluetooth, Miracast & USB keeps your pleasure always connected while on the move.

(All Type)

Rear Parking Camera

Boost your confidence when parking or setting off by supporting you to see more clearly.

(GR Sport Type)

Convenient Paddle Shift

Get the excitement of accelerating at ease.

(GR Sport CVT Type)

Sport/Eco Mode Switch

Efficient eco-driving or thrilling sports driving? Choose your move.

(GR Sport CVT Type)

Leather Steering Wheel with Audio & TFT Switch

Turn on the vibes with the leathered steering wheel design and easy control.

(GR Sport Type)

Smart Engine Start/Stop Button

Start your exciting journey just with a simple touch.

(GR Sport Type)

Optitron Combination Meter with TFT MID

Provide excellent visibility and varieties of essential information.

(GR Sport Type)