New Rush GR Sport Promo Terbaru dari Moladin Bandung, Cash/Kredit dengan kompetitif dan hitungan Dp serta Angsuran Murah untuk anda.

Harga New Rush Bandung – Promo Kredit 20% On The Road 2022

Type Harga
New Rush 1.5 G MT 282.600.000
New Rush 1.5 G AT 293.400.000
New Rush 1.5 GR Sport MT 295.100.000
New Rush 1.5 GR Sport AT 305.800.000


New Rush GR Sport Exterior

Beyond Exterior

Increasingly impressive and dynamic Sporty Exterior Design

rush gr sport

Advanced Tech LED Headlamp

Strong presence with state-of-the-art line guide LED (All Type)

Dashing Dark Chrome Grille

Remarkable entrance with daring front look (All Type)

New Outstanding Front Bumper Spoiler

Make a strong presence on the road with solid looks and toughness preserve. (GR Sport Type)

Integrated LED Rear Combination Lamp

Cutting-edge vehicle illumination system (All Type)

New Sturdy Rear Bumper Spoiler

Bold rear exterior that provides toughness and stylish combined (GR Sport Type)

Smart Entry

Unlock new adventure with ease (GR Sport Type)

New Remarkable GR Side Body Moulding

A sport statement conveys by Toyota GR stylish side moulding that also produces a solid attitude. (GR Sport Type)

New Auto Retractable Mirror

Takes your journey ahead with the electric auto folding mechanism. (GR Sport Type)

New Exclusive GR Emblem

The notable GR Emblem forged on the rear exterior to acclaim the spirit of toughness yet elegance at the same time. (GR Sport Type)

Bold 17″ Machining Alloy Wheel

Innovative design with attitude (GR Sport Type)

Beyond Interior

Modern and dashing look as well as maximum comfort while driving.
interior rush gr

Distinctive Soft Touch Dashboard

Dynamic two-tone aesthetic with premium modern design. (GR Sport Type)

New Cutting-Edge Entertainment Unit

Catch up with the new excitement everyday that will make your journey always at ease. (GR Sport Type)

New Progressive Combination Meter

Informative technology accompanies your journey with an attractive design that always leads you to elegance. (GR Sport Type)

Auto A/C With Digital Display

Precision-controlled air flow to cruise in perfect comfort. (GR Sport Type)

Comfortable Tilt Steering

Adjustable steering wheel for comfortable driving and confident control. (All Type)

Smart Start/Stop Engine Button

Begin your freedom with a simple touch. (All Type)

New IDS Off Switch

Automatic Idling Stop System that provides fuel efficiency and riding comfort in every journey. (All Type)

Rear Parking Camera

Ensure a safer and easier way to park. (All Type)

8 Surround Sound Speakers

High-end audio system for superior pleasure. (GR Sport Type)